Innovations, top services,

and complex solutions will get you to the top.

and complex solutions will

get you to the top.

Our experts transform every challenge into a success story.

Our experts transform every challenge

into a success story.

And together we form the largest IT group in Czechia.

We are  AUTOCONT Cleverlance AEC SEAVUS DataSpring Cloud4Com Internet Projekt ARICOMA Group.



We connect exceptional people and technologies to get us to the top together. And then to move the top a little bit higher.

The creation of the ARICOMA Group is the summit of many years of work by the KKCG Group in the field of information technology - a field that is currently more and more promising as an investment opportunity.

Let’s get to know each other.

Aricoma, Peru

Built on the firm fundamentals of technology and human talents ARICOMA stands tall in the age of digital transformation.

Our Services.

ICT development is driven by the demise of traditional business models and the emergence of new approaches that are based on online interaction with clients. The growing ICT market and a lack of qualified experts provide an opportunity to offer top-quality services to companies that wish to move away from handling ICT internally and seek outsourcing solutions.

ICT Infrastructure and Cloud

ICT infrastructure & Cloud

  • end devices and user environment
  • networking and communications
  • data center and virtualization
  • infrastructure as a service
  • cloud services
  • migration to the cloud
Implementation of information systems

Implementation of information systems

  • business information systems
  • customer relations management
  • business Intelligence
  • document administration and management
  • document digitization
  • integration and migration projects
Software development

Software development

  • custom enterprise development
  • integration of third-party solutions
  • development of proprietary products
  • mobile applications
  • e-commerce
  • internet websites
  • software testing
  • omnichannel strategies and solutions
ICT security

ICT security

  • security analysis and consulting
  • implementation of security technologies
  • security management systems
  • security of end devices and networks
  • management and protection of user identities
  • penetration testing
  • ethical hacking
Outcourcing of complex IT infrastructure

Outsourcing ICT operations and development

  • outsourcing of end device operation
  • outsourcing of server and network administration
  • complex outsourcing of IT infrastructure
  • “We’re your IT” concept
  • outsourcing of IT specialists services
  • outsourcing of support and development of SW applications

Stronger together

The services of ARICOMA Group cover the entire enterprise IT portfolio. Where it is effective to do so, we can combine the solutions of our individual group companies to design, execute, and operate individual and complex solutions custom built for our customers.

The Companies.

We proudly introduce the members of ARICOMA Group with all their expertise.

ICT Infrastructure and CloudICT Infrastructure and Cloud Implementation of information systems Implementation of information systems Software developmentSoftware development ICT securityICT security Outcourcing of complex IT infrastructureOutcourcing of complex IT infrastructure


Provider of complex IT solutions and services for corporate clients. Focuses systematically and with a long term view on IT architecture and strategy, infrastructure and cloud services, enterprise applications, cybersecurity, and outsourcing. Operating on the Czech and Slovak markets since 1990.

ICT Infrastructure and Cloud Implementation of information systems ICT security Outcourcing of complex IT infrastructure

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Creator and integrator of software applications for the companies in the telecommunications, finance, and automotive industries. Provides customers with internet and mobile banking, internet portals, and CRM systems and other custom made software solutions. One of the largest providers of software testing services in Czechia.

Implementation of information systems Software development

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Leading provider of information security services. Provides penetration tests, security analyses, implementation of security technologies, and other services. Unique combination of technical knowledge of ethical hackers, technology engineers, consultants, and auditors.

ICT security

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A notable provider of cloud and IT services, operating in two data centers in Czechia. Designs complete customer solutions for operating company infrastructure through the use of the cloud, including the design and migration of IT technologies to a cloud environment.

ICT Infrastructure and Cloud

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Leading provider of data center infrastructure in the form of a service (IaaS). With infrastructure leasing, the customer only pays for what they use, giving customers maximum flexibility and using online management for even higher business efficiency.

ICT Infrastructure and Cloud

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Internet Projekt

Leading provider of a complete portfolio of services in the fields of web portal and application development, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications and intranets and extranets. A particular specialty is the development of omnichannel solutions and customer experience management.

Implementation of information systems

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Software development and consulting company with a proven track-record in providing successful enterprise-wide business solutions. The company has over 800 IT experts worldwide and offers a variety of products and service options, successfully covering the European and US market from several offices in the world.

Implementation of information systems Software development ICT security

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A major creator and provider of custom software for e-government, health insurance companies and large companies. The solutions are based on detailed businessand IT analysis, respecting the best practices of software architecture and almost 30 years of experience in software development.

Implementation of information systems Software development

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Aricoma Mt.
Andes, Peru

Taking your business above the clouds.

It is never easy to get to the top. We are aware of the difficulties a digital transformation may bring and we are the best at ascending steep slopes. Let‘s take your business today.


Data Center

Data Center
Prague, CZ

Top Technology, Data & People. Together.

Technology and humans are changing fast and business with it. Our mission is to help your business excel by bringing data, technology and people together.

Key figures.

Reaching the heights by working with talented people

And together we form the largest IT group in Czechia.

324 mil. EUR

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