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KKCG introduces two major brands – custom software development tech house Qinshift and end-to-end ICT services provider Aricoma


Prague, June 29, 2023 – The Aricoma IT holding company, part of KKCG Group, announces it will now operate under two major brands as it consolidates its position as an international Information Technology (IT) leader. Companies focusing on custom software development will form Qinshift, while the rest of the group will adopt the Aricoma brand.

Over the last six years, the KKCG technology pillar has grown to become a leading European IT player with annual revenues of nearly EUR 500 million (CZK 11.7 bn), employing more than 4,000 experts across 13 companies.

The change announced today will enable further specialization within KKCG’s technology pillar by allowing each entity to focus on its core competencies, driving further growth and delivering increased value.

“Now we have reached a point when our operations are sufficiently comprehensive and large to form two separate, specialised companies,” said KKCG’s Investment Director, Michal Tománek. “We believe that the establishment of Qinshift and the refresh of the original Aricoma brand will be a catalyst of growth for both companies, helping our group compete more effectively on the global market.”

Qinshift will integrate six companies with expertise in software design, end-to-end enterprise solutions, visionary UX and UI design, reliable managed services, and innovative product development offerings. Qinshift will also provide business consultancy services. The company caters to a diverse clientele, including large telecom and satellite operators, financial institutions, manufacturing and automotive companies, and mobility and health organizations, empowering them to thrive in the digital era.

Seavus, a Scandinavia-centric custom software developer and Stratiteq, a Sweden-based company, specialized in data analytics, will be the first companies to join Qinshift in early September. Cleverlance, a Czech and Slovak leader in business digitization services and part of the Czech corporation Komix, which has a strong presence in the automotive industry, will follow in early December. The integration will be completed by the end of 2024 with the inclusion of Clearcode, a global partner for advertising and marketing software (AdTech & MarTech) development, and MusalaSoft, a Bulgaria-based outsourcer serving blue-chip customers.

As a brand, Qinshift represents our core values – a collective driven by our passion for work and strong customer relations. The new brand and identity will bring together several remarkable companies from our portfolio, merging their strengths and heritage. With a human-centered approach, combined revenue of 200 million euros, over 300 clients and 28 offices globally, our goal is to become a trusted and preferred partner for digital transformation”, said Ludovic Gaudé, CEO of Qinshift.

Qinshift, will aim to expand further across Europe, the United States, North Africa, and eventually Latin America, integrating cutting-edge AI services into its comprehensive portfolio.

Aricoma will unite brands focused on IT infrastructure, cloud, corporate applications, cybersecurity, and the digitalization of the public sector.  It will include Autocont, a local market leader in IT services; cybersecurity experts AEC; software developers for public sector CES EA and part of Komix, and e-commerce experts Internet Projekt. The gradual rebranding process will be completed at the end of the year.

This year’s acquisitions – SAP focused Sabris Consulting and Consulting 4U, and public sector software developers SYSCOM Software – will follow later.

“This represents an exciting step in Aricoma’s journey. Over the last three decades, colleagues across our companies have diligently built Aricoma to become a hub of experience and expertise in ICT solutions,” said Milan Sameš, CEO, Aricoma. “Under one name, we will establish ourselves as an active, reliable, and dynamic partner in the digitalization of both the public and commercial sectors, both in Czech Republic, and in the rest of Europe. Our immediate expansion plans involve the DACH region where we see many opportunities.” he added.

The renewed emphasis on the specialization and agility of both entities, while bringing individual companies together in the process, will create more dynamic environments to foster collaboration, innovation, and better serve a diverse, prestigious international client base from both the public and private sectors.

About KKCG

KKCG is an investment and innovation group with expertise in lotteries and gaming, energy, technology, and real estate. Founded by entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist Karel Komárek, KKCG employs over 10,000 people in 36 countries across its portfolio companies, with more than €8 billion in assets under management. Its businesses include, amongst others, Allwyn, a multi-national lottery operator; MND Group, an international producer and supplier of traditional and renewable energy; ARICOMA Group, comprehensive IT services provider across Europe and the US; and KKCG Real Estate Group. With operations on several continents, KKCG businesses draw on capital, networks, and insights from across the group to enable profitable, sustainable growth for the long term. KKCG is committed to supporting the communities where it operates, contributing to the societies it works within. 

About ARICOMA holding:

The Aricoma holding company was established in 2017 with the acquisition of the Czech IT company Autocont. In 2018 and 2019, the corporations AEC, Cleverlance, Cloud4Com, and Internet Projekt followed.  Since 2020, Aricoma has been expanding beyond its domestic borders and has acquired Seavus and Stratiteq in Sweden, Clearcode in Poland, and Musala Soft in Bulgaria.  The Czech companies acquired by Aricoma also include Komix, Sabris Consulting, Consulting 4U and SYSCOM Software.  In 2022, the holding company generated revenues of EUR 492 million and its EBITDA reached EUR 45 million.

You can find more information about the new brands on their new websites:



Media contact:

Dana Dvořáková

Director of Public Relations, KKCG

+420 602 372 834

Michal Malysa

Head of Brand and Communications, Aricoma

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Marina Domazetovska 

Global Head of PR & Communications, Qinshift